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Livestock Report

Livestock Report

There were 905 export and 335 trade cattle offered. Most categories sold at higher rates and even the plainer lines of cattle averaged higher prices. A large number of good quality Friesian steers and heavy dairy cows was offered while beef cow numbers were subdued.

The quality in the trade section was very mixed, there were only very few light weighed cattle on offer. The prices for trade cattle lifted by 5c to 15c/kg due to buyers being more competitive.


Vealers made 185c to 260c/kg Yearling Steers ranged from 206c to 240c/kg Yearling Heifers ranged from 175c to 226c/kg 330 - 400kg Steers made 196c to 206c/kg 400kg + Steers ranged from 214c to 240c/kg Heavy Bullocks made from 195c to 225c/kg Heavy Beef Cows made from 156c to 205c/kg Dairy Cows made from 124c to 182c/kg

Auctions Plus

The commercial cattle listings on AuctionsPlus lifted again, reaching 10,257 head. The larger offering was met with less demand than last week, however clearance rates remained strong. The offering available has continued its upward trend, most noticeably heavier lines of both, steers and heifers. All categories experienced price rises except steers 200kg and under, and SM heifers. 330 - 400kg Steers averaged $1,048/hd – up $150 from last week

400kg + Steers averaged

$1,217/hd – up $51 from last week

200 - 280kg Heifers averaged

$772/hd – up $46 from last week

280 – 330kg Heifers averaged

$888/hd – up $9 from last week

PTIC Cows averaged

$1,687/hd – up $354 from last week

PTIC Heifers averaged

$1,706/hd – up $408 from last week

If you are interested in some more information on buying or selling, please do not hesitate to drop into our office, or call one of our livestock agents.





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